September 7, 2012
Nearing Completion

Well when I say that I mean I’ve almost finished WRITING my third novel in The Valkyrie Chronicles. I still have to proofread and edit the whole damn thing (can you tell I dislike doing that part) I’m up 25000 now which means I’ve written about 20000 since the 1st/2nd of September. I know what the cause is but I’m not telling.

It’s a lot shorter than I expected but it will certainly reach 100 pages so I’m happy about that. I’m up to 81 right now so if I can write another 6000 words then I’ll have passed 100 pages. Actually, it might even become longer after I have proofread/edit it because that usually happens when I do it, I get extra pages and more words sometimes.

I use a specific format that allows me to have roughly 300 words on every pages so I can do easy math. 10 pages = 3000 words, 20 pages = 6000. I often divide the total number of words by pages jsut to see if I’m doing better than 300 words or less than.